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Our entire family has been very happy with the speech services my son has received at Lakeshore.  Communication is very difficult for _____ and Ellen has done a great job using different techniques and strategies to help give ____ a voice and intent to communicate.  I believe ____ works really hard for Ellen because he trusts her and he knows that she has high expectations of him.  Week after week it is encouraging to see _____'s progress and growth which is beginning to carry over to both home and school environments.

L.R., parent

Re: SLP Maria Greszler:

I just wanted you to know that we had our first class today at your company and it was just wonderful!  _____ felt comfortable and she played with her teacher!  After what we have been through the past few months, this was refreshing!  I know we will have good days and bad days, but I will take all the good we can get!  Thanks again!

C.D., Parent

When we began speech therapy, my daughter had just turned two and wasn't speaking at all.  She is now a little over three years old and she has a huge vocabulary!  She is even starting to speak short sentences.  ______ wouldn't be where she is today without the services provided by Tracy at Lakeshore.  We still have a long road ahead of us, but she makes progress every day.  We are so grateful to Tracy for all of her guidance and support along our journey.

L.D., parent

We love Ms. Ellen!  She has helped bring our non-speaking youngest son to beyond our expectations in one year to now speaking all of the time!  She was referred to us and we are so grateful to have found her!  We would definitely recommend her to anyone questioning if their child needs speech therapy.

K.M., parent

Our son ____ is now seven years old.  We have had him receiving speech therapy services with other providers since he was four years old.  When he was almost six we found out about Lakeshore Speech Therapy.  We have been so delighted with the progress _____ has made as he has had weekly sessions with Ellen Spear.  Ellen has shown a great ability to really engage him, to keep him on task, but to also keep it "fun."  ______ has Autism and makes it clear when he is disinterested in something, yet not once did he ever balk at going to "speech time with Mrs. Spear."  She was able to give ______ the tools to enable him to be a more effective communicator and to provide us as parents ways to reinforce these tools around the home.  I would recommend Ellen Spear and Lakeshore Speech Therapy to anyone searching for a highly effective, highly qualified therapist for their child on the Autism Spectrum.


J. & J. S., Parents

​After receiving speech therapy services from a different provider for over a year, we decided to make a change as we were unhappy with the care our three year old was receiving for stuttering.  I cannot stress enough how pleased we were with the care we received from Lakeshore and Tracy in particular.  Our daughter was very comfortable going into therapy and was eager to participate.  Tracy worked with us and helped us to continue the learned tools at home by providing us with "homework" each week to reinforce the therapy received.  Lakeshore is organized, communicates with parents, and provides excellent therapy.  I would highly recommend this group to friends. 

L.D., parent

Dear Tracy and Ellen:

I just wanted to shoot you a message and tell you how THRILLED we are with how great "Mrs. K" did with our son, ____.  

When ____ began seeing Verna Ann 9 months ago, he could barely talk.  As he was two and a half, we, as parents, were obviously terrified.  From the moment we walked through your door and met Mrs. K, we knew that she was going to make a huge difference in our little guy's life.  

I am so overwhelmingly pleased with the amazing job Verna Ann did with ____.  Within the first few weeks, she even had our picky eater trying all sorts of new foods.  His speech literally took off the moment he started working with her.  ____ went from being a kid that would only point and grunt to a well adjusted three year old who was speaking in full sentences by the time he was done there.  And besides all of this, he LOVED her!  He always was excited to go to speech, and to see "Mrs. K" at her "house"and always promised to listen and "talk real, real good!"

In addition, I am so thankful for ALL the information Verna Ann helped US out with.  She gave us so much insight as to what was going on in our little guy's "world" and we were never confused during any step of the process.  She gave us great "homework" to do with ____ at home.  She was always very professional, very personable, and overall just REFRESHING.

When Verna Ann shared the happy news that ____ had "graduated," we were ecstatic... and also a little sad to not be seeing her each week!  She is spoken of so highly from us and we would recommend her/Lakeshore Speech to ANYONE who would EVER need it.  

I guess what I'm trying to say here on behalf of my husband and I is THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.  And please feel free to provide my  name and number if you are EVER in need of a reference.  In addition, please feel free to include any of this as a testimonial on your website. 

Thank you and God Bless, 

C.L., parent

First, I want to THANK YOU for bringing the speech therapist speakers to last month's WECPTA meeting.  The "Social Detective" book has been a big hit in our house... I even sent a copy to ___'s teacher at school and she loves it and is sharing it with the school guidance counselor.  It's helping us to have a consistent vocabulary for teaching ____ about how his behavior (a.k.a. flipping out uncontrollably over the littlest of things and crying everyday at school) effects everyone.  Even ____, who is not quite four yet, is talking about "expected and unexpected behaviors."  I need to check out the Superflex curriculum next to see if it has any ideas on how he can learn to control his emotions better.  He's very into Superheroes!

Parent, anonymous

My son achieved great success in speech therapy at Lakeshore.  It was really quite amazing to watch the transformation over the weeks.  Tracy did a wonderful job with my son.  He truly loved coming to see her each week.  He misses her.  He is doing very well to date with his speech.  We are very pleased with the outcome of his speech therapy!  Thank you,    


G.M., parent

​My son needed therapy at age two for a speech delay.  I was recommended to see Tracy by my Help Me Grow contact.  We had such a great and successful experience.  My son went from speaking about 25 words to to 100 words quickly.  After only a few sessions, serious progress was made.  He is now just over two and speaks two and three word sentences and we have been discharged from therapy.  I would highly recommend Lakeshore Speech Therapy as it was a positive experience.  Thank you, Tracy, for all of your help!

E.L., parent

My wife and I thought that Tracy was wonderful while working with our son to develop his language skills.  Tracy was always professional, informative, and in a great mood.  We are very happy to have found Lakeshore Speech Therapy, and would recomnend others to pay them a visit. 

M.M., parent

Lakeshore Speech Therapy has made a huge impact on my three year old's verbal skills.  In a short period of time, his speech and language have improved to the point that I think it's better than a lot of his peers.  Ellen and Tracy both are excellent therapists and provide a warm and supportive environment for both parent and child.  We will miss Ellen dearly.  Thank you for all your help, support, and education.  

K.S., parent

Tracy was awesome with our son!  The ease of appointment scheduling and location were also a huge plus.  Very low stress experience and environment.

E.L., parent

Dear Ellen and Tracy, 

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your generous gift to Providence House.  Your support will truly change the life of a child in crisis and allow us to bring critically needed services, compassionate partnership, and loving care to at-risk children and their families before it's too late.  Please allow this letter to serve as our sincere thanks and receipt for your donation of two 90-minute training presentations for the staff and volunteers of Providence House.  Thank  you for remembering our babies and children through your gift. 

Natalie A. Leek-Nelson

CEO and President- Providence House



Our SLP has been easy to reach and flexible, especially with winter weather.  She has also pushed our son to improve language, but has been understanding of his limits.

Professional, knowledgable therapists!!!  Very caring and positive!!!

They always made ____ feel comfortable.  She looked forward to her speech sessions and the games they played.  Tracy's instructions were easy for ____ to understand which made it easier to achieve her goals.  

The therapist has the ability to effectively and patiently provide speech therapy to special needs clients, to engage our son who is on the Autism Spectrum.  

The laidback/relaxed environment and how my son and I were made to feel at home.

Tracy is so compassionate and kind.  Easy to work with and encouraging.  

​Flexible times.  Good communication with parent.

Everything!  It has been wonderful being able to bring my other two little ones and them being able to play with waiting for our child in his session. This is a wonderful, efficient practice.

The credentials of the therapists and their professionalism.  Also, everyone is friendly and fun!

The welcome greetings were received each time we can into the office.  From Ellen, to Kelly, to Tracy, to the other clients waiting in the lobby.  We enjoyed our conversations with everyone.

Sessions feel productive and are on task.

Middle School social skills group.

Very nice people and my son loved it.

​The wonderful people there- you are a caring, dedicated and fun group.  Pulling through all the challenges of your children's issues is work enough-it's nice to have a group of supporters  who make this part enjoyable and productive. I always look forward to our speech and social skills visits, and my kids do, too.

Comfortable, welcoming, and laid back- makes my child and I feel at ease.

You are all awesome!

Easy-going, loving, cares about child client, knowledgeable, communication open with parent, helpful.

Very flexible, very focused on _______ and meeting his needs and entire family's needs.  ______ is happy and motivated during speech sessions.  Caring environment.  There are few good PROMPT therapists in the area- very likely to let others know about your practice.