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Lakeshore Speech Therapy, LLC. is located in Westlake, OH, we provide high-quality, affordable speech & language therapy services for children ages birth to 23 years using evidence-based assessment and treatment methods. Our licensed Speech-Language Pathologists have extensive experience in providing individualized speech therapy services.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "Our entire family has been very happy with the speech services my son has received at Lakeshore.  Communication is very difficult for him and Ellen has done a great job using different techniques and strategies to help give him a voice and intent to communicate.  I believe he works really hard for Ellen because he trusts her and he knows that she has high expectations of him.  Week after week it is encouraging to see his progress and growth which is beginning to carry over to both home and school environments."

    L.R. (Parent)
  • "We love Ms. Ellen! She has helped bring our non-speaking youngest son to beyond our expectations in one year to now speaking all of the time! She was referred to us and we are so grateful to have found her! We would definitely recommend her to anyone questioning if their child needs speech therapy."

    K.M. (Parent)
  • "Our son is now seven years old.  We have had him receiving speech therapy services with other providers since he was four years old.  When he was almost six we found out about Lakeshore Speech Therapy.  We have been so delighted with the progress he has made as he has had weekly sessions with Ellen Spear.  Ellen has shown a great ability to really engage him, to keep him on task, but to also keep it "fun."  Our son has Autism and makes it clear when he is disinterested in something, yet not once did he ever balk at going to "speech time with Mrs. Spear."  She was able to give him the tools to enable him to be a more effective communicator and to provide us as parents ways to reinforce these tools around the home.  I would recommend Ellen Spear and Lakeshore Speech Therapy to anyone searching for a highly effective, highly qualified therapist for their child on the Autism Spectrum."

    J. & J. S. (Parents)
  • "Our son loved learning at Lakeshore and working with Ms Elizabeth! It was incredible to see his progress and amazing to look back on how far he has come. A few weeks ago, he had his Kindergarten Assessment and scored a 99% for Verbal! To think that last October, he wasn’t even saying his c’s or g’s. We were overjoyed and he was so proud of himself!  We are so appreciative of Ms Elizabeth and all she did to get him to that point. Lakeshore was truly a life-changing experience for all of us!"

    L.N. Parent
  • "I could not be more pleased and impressed with Lakeshore Speech Therapy. When my son continued to experience issues with his speech, going to Lakeshore Speech was the best decision. The professionalism of the therapists, especially Mrs. Kotansky, was impressive. My son loved going and was graduated within a few short months. I highly recommend Lakeshore Speech Therapy if your family has a need for these services. "

    P.C. Parent
  • "Our daughter had an amazing experience at Lakeshore Speech.  Not only was she receiving the best therapy, she was also having fun! We saw a huge improvement in not only her speech, but her confidence.  We couldn't be more impressed with the staff and program at Lakeshore Speech."

    C.S. Parent
  • "We started with Lakeshore when my son S, who is on the Autism spectrum, was in high school. Another parent highly recommended Lakeshore Speech Therapy. Our speech therapist, VernaAnn, has been pivotal in helping my son transition from high school to college. VernaAnn made a great connection to our son and can relate to what a teenager is experiencing & feeling since she has children who are of that age. Originally, we started with outside speech to boost & generalize social skills. VernaAnn was also able to help with Executive Functioning goals in our IEP which was an area that needed much help. She worked with our goals, but expanded upon those which included goals to address skills that would empower my son to "think for himself" and problem solve both in school and real life situations. Executive Functioning impacted Steve's independence and self advocacy which are critical skills needed for transition beyond high school.  All of these areas truly blossomed with the help of our therapist. Working directly with S helped him to "think through" and create written plans/lists that he would follow through with guided support. The ultimate outcome was for S to create, plan & execute short & long term goals on his own. The biggest area of growth has been in S's self confidence and of course, independence! In the fall, S will be entering the first year of college, living on campus! Our only regret is that we didn't start with Lakeshore Speech before high school to get a jump start on all the skills for his long term goals. Again, VernaAnn worked above & beyond to help reach skills in both academic & real life settings."

    S.D. Parent
  • "John has truly flourished with your expertise. You have a wonderful practice… I honestly want to keep coming just to see you but I do see value in taking a break now that he will have speech daily in school!!"

    E.S. (Parent)

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