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Resources at Lakeshore Speech, LLC. is dedicated to providing affordable quality products and therapeutic resources to enhance the lives of individuals with communication differences.

Playground Communication Boards & Pool or Waterpark Communication Boards

Emotional Regulation Boards

Emotional Balance Boards

  • Sends a Visible Message of Inclusivity
  • Increases Social Interaction
  • Provides Choice and Independence
  • Reduces Frustration
  • Encourages Collaborative Play
  • Raises Awareness and Acceptance
  • Creates Multilingual Communication
Emotional Balance Board - sandwich sign format - portable and water resistant
  • Improves emotional literacy
  • Helping manages feelings
  •  Empowers children and adults to express their emotions
  • Increases confidence and self-esteem
  • Promotes empathy and understanding
  • Encourages children and adults to recognize and respect others’ emotions.

Emotional Balance Boards

Across the Country Giving Everyone a Voice

Playground Communication Boards

Provide individuals with communication differences the opportunity to have a voice! These outdoor communication boards complete your handicap accessible playground, pool or waterpark! 

Made of aluminum alloy, these durable communication boards will hold up in any weather.

Available in English and can accommodate up to 3 other languages with Boardmaker© or SymbolStix© icon libraries, these communication signs are easy to install and can be fully customized for any situation and location.

Installation Suggestions

Standard Vocabulary on Playground Communication Boards & Pool Communication Boards

Resources at Lakeshore Speech, LLC communication boards are 100% customizable to meet the individual needs of you and your project.

Standard vocabulary for playground, pools, and waterpark boards are on the pictured below. 

Click to enlarge the image for more comfortable viewing.

What You Need to Know About Funding Playground Communication Board Projects 

We are committed to providing EVERYONE a voice on the playground, in the pool or at the waterpark.  Finding funding for communication signs should not be intimidating. 

Below is information that will help you and your agency make a difference in the lives of many.

Available in 3’x2′, 2'x3' and 4’x2′ Playground Boards are in English and can have up to 3 languages of your choice added
Available in 3’x2′, 2'x3' and 4’x2′ Pool Boards are in English and can have up to 3 languages of your choice added

The Women Behind the Playground Communication Boards

With a combined 60+years of experience as certified Speech-Language Pathologists, VernaAnn and Ellen are dedicated to ensuring ALL individuals have a voice. As practicing speech-language pathologists, they understand planning and detail that go into creating a communication board that meets the needs of many. VernaAnn and Ellen will work with you to create a communication board the meets your specific needs.

They and everyone at Resources at Lakeshore Speech, LLC. are committed to providing affordable resources for individuals with communication differences.