Communication is vital, and sometimes it takes different forms. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is a tool that not only helps individuals with differences but also teaches a community how to be more compassionate. This week’s blog explores the ways in which AAC enhances understanding and empathy, not just for individuals using it but for our entire community.

Seeing the World Through AAC

AAC allows us to see the world from a different perspective. When people use AAC to express themselves, it offers a unique view into their thoughts and feelings. This helps us appreciate the diversity of communication styles and fosters a sense of understanding.

Discovering the Power of Non-Verbal Expression

AAC shows us that words aren’t the only way to communicate. Through gestures, facial expressions, and other non-verbal methods, we learn that communication is rich and varied. This discovery helps us understand and value different forms of expression in our community.

Breaking Communication Barriers

AAC helps break down communication barriers, not just for individuals using it but for our entire community. By witnessing how people using AAC navigate their interactions, we become aware of the challenges they face, fostering empathy and breaking down communication barriers within our community.

Being Inclusive in Social Groups

AAC promotes inclusivity in our social groups. As we interact with people using AAC, we learn to adapt our communication style to include everyone. This inclusive approach helps create a community where everyone feels a sense of belonging, promoting unity among individuals with diverse communication methods.

Becoming Advocates for Inclusivity

The use of AAC often leads to advocacy for inclusivity within our community. As we understand the importance of making spaces accessible for everyone, we become advocates for inclusivity. This involves raising awareness and taking responsibility for creating environments that cater to diverse communication needs. A great example of this are communities that equip all playgrounds with playground communication boards.

Improving Listening and Empathy

Engaging with AAC users improves our listening skills and empathy. We learn to understand non-verbal cues, making us more empathetic individuals. This heightened empathy extends beyond communication differences, influencing how we approach relationships within our community.

AAC in Community Initiatives: Learning with Compassion

AAC’s presence in community initiatives teaches us with compassion. Through programs that incorporate AAC, we gain insights into the challenges faced by our neighbors. This exposure nurtures empathy and a deeper understanding of the different ways people can communicate within our community.

Carrying Forward Lifelong Values

The impact of AAC goes beyond immediate interactions, shaping lifelong values within our community. As we engage with AAC users, we carry forward a sense of empathy, understanding, and acceptance into our community. These values contribute to creating a more compassionate and inclusive community for everyone.


In conclusion, AAC isn’t just a tool for individuals; it’s a guide for our entire community. By breaking down communication barriers, fostering inclusivity, and becoming advocates for accessibility, AAC enhances understanding and compassion within our community. Embracing different forms of communication enriches our shared experiences and helps create a community where everyone feels heard, valued, and included.

boy in wheelchair using playground communication board

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