Better Speech and Hearing Month reminds us all to celebrate the importance of good speech and hearing, but celebrating the dedicated professionals that change lives by improving speech and hearing is equally as important.  This week we give a nod to the creativity and fortitude of the SLPs at Lakeshore Speech in paying for their college degrees.

While delivering phone books (remember those?) ranks on Ellen’s resume of jobs , her main form of employment was playing volleyball!  Her athletic abilities really paid off as she also was a waitress at the Flat Iron Cafe. Hard work pays off on the court and off!

VernaAnn’s college work resume includes working at her family’s music stores, serving as a security guard for her college’s hockey team (all 5’2” of her), and resident adviser.  Oh, yea, there was that stint at the Hallmark Store where she dressed as the Easter Bunny…..’What’s up, Doc?’

Elizabeth’s jobs have always involved working with children. As a  babysitter, camp counselor, lifeguard, and swim instructor Elizabeth is dedicated to creating a better world for the wee-ones.

While not the ideal job for someone that promotes talking, Mary shelved books at the library to pay the bills.  She also served food at the University’s cafeteria and was a waitress.  Then there was that job when she worked at the  concession stands at dragways….ask her more about that job!

Ellery’s lovely smile could be found working in a golf pro shop at a country club when she knew little to nothing about golf. She also transcribed parent interviews for a professor completing a on a study about childhood obesity.  

Gina’s resume includes caring for individuals with Autism  as a day camp counselor. She also worked as a waitress and a college dining hall employee!

To pay the college bills, Wendi worked as a convenience store clerk.  She also worked as a waitress in a Mexican restaurant.

When one steps back and looks at the common thread of all these jobs, one word comes to mind – SERVICE.  These incredible women worked to serve others to help pay the bills that eventually led to their true passion of serving those with speech-language and hearing needs.  

Yours in Speech,

Lakeshore Speech Therapy

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