Lakeshore’s waiting room has a new look!  We are so excited for you to see the new decor at Lakeshore.  Please make sure to check out the parent resource area. Here you will find information about activities and opportunities in our area for  your child and you and your family. This area will also house any information important to your weekly visits. Vacation reminders, quick check-out documents such as making payments, program fliers and more will be in this area for your convenience.

We now have media streaming information pertinent to Lakeshore Speech, therapy, informational resources and the like.  Please email VernaAnn at if you have an idea for information to be included.

As we continually strive to make Lakeshore a comfortable place not only for our clients, but for those who are waiting, we ask you to be aware of the following requests:

  1. Please remember to bring quiet activities for children who will be waiting.
  2. Please do not let children touch the hardware/locks on the windows.
  3. Please refrain from discussing sensitive material about yourself or your child in the waiting room.
  4. Please feel free to email or talk with Ellen ( or Kelly ( if you have any suggestions or if there is something we could provide to make your time in our waiting room more comfortable.

Enjoy the day!

Yours in Speech,

Lakeshore Speech Therapy, LLC.

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