young man with cochlear implant pointing to a message on a playground communication board.

City parks are a loved part of our cities, offering a space for people of all ages and abilities to connect with nature and enjoy outdoor activities. For children, playgrounds are a center of fun and social interaction. For a child with communication differences, access to enjoy these spaces safely and fully needs added supports. That’s where AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) playground communication boards come into play. In this blog post, we’ll talk about why these boards are important for making sure everyone can enjoy the playground.

What Are AAC Playground Communication Boards?

AAC playground communication boards are special boards placed in or near playgrounds within city parks. These boards are designed to help people with communication differences express themselves, understand important information, and develop relationships in recreational settings. A user points to the images on the board to express their message.

The Importance of AAC Playground Communication Boards
1. Inclusivity for All – everyone has a voice

One of the most significant effects of AAC communication boards is their role in helping increase inclusivity. City parks are for everyone, regardless of their communication style. These boards make sure that children with communication differences, such as non-verbal individuals or those with speech disorders, can express themselves and have a great time on the playground.

2. Encouraging Social Interaction – making friends

Playgrounds are not just for physical activity; they also provide opportunities for social interaction and play. AAC communication boards help increase communication and build relationships among children, encouraging them to participate in imaginative play, share experiences, and make new friends.

3. Parent and Caregiver Support – having what you need

Parents and caregivers of children with communication differences often face special concerns when visiting city parks. AAC playground communication boards provide them with valuable support in providing a way in which their child can express themself without becoming frustrated or upset.

4. Help Developing Understanding – everyone communicating more clearly

Everyday in communities, children from different backgrounds and cultures come together in parks. AAC communication boards have pictures and words in different languages to bridge communication gaps. Using a communication board helps everyone understand each other more clearly and brings the community together.

AAC playground communication boards play an important role in giving every child the opportunity to enjoy the city parks and feel included. They help increase social interaction, help parents, and caregivers and create a sense of community among all park visitors. Let’s appreciate the importance of AAC communication boards in making these spaces welcoming and accessible for all children.

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