string of holiday white lights

The holidays are a special time for joy and togetherness. Some people find bright lights and loud sounds a bit too much? Today, we’ll talk about how to make holiday decorations more comfortable for everyone, especially those who might get overwhelmed easily.


Soft Lights are Cozy Lights:

  Instead of really bright or flashy lights, go for warm and soft ones. Think about using string lights that can get dimmer. Also, try LED candles that are safe and give a calm glow. Stay away from strobe lights as they can increase seizure activity in some individuals.

Pick Calm Colors:

  Use soft colors like gentle blues, greens, and purples. These create a calm feeling. Avoid really bright and contrasting colors, so it’s easier on everyone’s eyes.


Feel the Decor

  Choose decorations with different textures. Smooth ornaments, fuzzy stockings, and soft tree skirts feel nice. It’s like adding a cozy touch without being too much.


Quiet Spaces are Cool

  Make a quiet corner in your home. It’s a space where people can take a break from the noise. Add comfy chairs, soft blankets, and maybe some headphones to block out sound.


Not-So-Loud Music

  Instead of super loud holiday music, play softer tunes. Think about songs without words or with calm melodies. It adds to the holiday feel without being too noisy.


Decorations for Everyone

  Put decorations where everyone can enjoy them, even if they can’t move around a lot. Decorate tables and try not to put too much on the floor.


Make Your Own Ornaments

  Create special ornaments that mean something to you. Use textures or colors you like. It makes the holidays more personal. Your speech-language therapist might have ideas of how to incorporate ornament creation during therapy sessions.


Gentle Wreaths

  Make wreaths with soft things like fabric or felt. Add nice smells like pinecones or lavender. It’s a nice way to use different senses without being too much.



This holiday season, make sure everyone can enjoy the decorations. Soft lights, calm colors, and comfy spaces help everyone feel the joy. Let’s celebrate together in a way that makes everyone happy!

soft lights with a star
child touching tree ornaments
candles spell out JOY

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