Press Pause

The clock is beginning to tick….loudly!  Time to pack up the Halloween decorations and get ready for the mad dash of the Holiday season!  There is no escaping the hustle and bustle of the Seasons.

Typically, we share information to help to improve a loved ones communication or self-regulation; this week we are focused on Y.O.U. – the caregiver, the superperson, the parent, the great juggler of all! Why would we spend a week thinking about YOU?  The answer is simple….YOU are just as important and need to be cared for as much as everyone else in your world.

Take 5 more minutes after you read this blog to focus on the person that keeps all the gears of your family’s life running smoothly – YOU!  We realize this is easier said than done. Let’s get to work before your 5 minutes is up!

Where do/can you find a quiet moment? At the grocery store? At line at the bank? On break at work? Sitting in the waiting room at Lakeshore Speech? When we say a moment, we mean it.  We aren’t talking about a 2 hour massage (while that is a great thing in itself) or a 1 hour meditation session. We are talking 5-10 minutes. Don’t brush this step off, think about it, really think about it.

What helps calm you? What re-centers you? What makes you smile? Does listening to a certain song bring a smile to your face? Does looking at pictures of vacation lower your blood pressure? You know immediately what brings you calm. Keep those items close at hand, especially during the busy days ahead.

Now put it all together on your schedule – DAILY.  Reserve those moments for yourself. Make an appointment with yourself every day….. every day! Use your time not to plan for what will happen later or what you have to purchase or what you need to wrap, but to calm and rejuvenate yourself.  

Those few moments may make the difference in creating a less stressful, more joyous Holiday Season.

Yours in Speech,

Lakeshore Speech Therapy, LLC.