Free!  That’s correct….FREE!!!! Finding fun and FREE ‘field trips’ for you and your family!  Check out these resources to find a different museum or playground. Let’s not forget local theaters providing free movies or our amazing libraries providing incredible free programs for young and old.  These ‘field trips’ are a great way to introduce new vocabulary, interact with others, practice speech-language skills, and most importantly, spend time TOGETHER! Unplug for a few moments, call a friend or family member, pack a lunch and spend some time exploring all the Cleveland Area has to offer.  

While this may sound like a travel ad, language is built around the events one experiences.  Practicing going out in public places and building on those experiences are a amazing way to build those shared memories and language base. AND because admission is FREE, visiting some of these places is a great way to build up the time for which your child can tolerate a location.  Let’s take the Mondays at the Zoo: Since admission is free, plan on seeing only 1-2 animals, having lunch or a snack and then leave.  The next Monday, plan on visiting the same 1-2 animals and add 1-2 more, have lunch/snack and leave. Repeat.

It’s Fun and It’s Free!  Enjoy your time together! Don’t forget to share with your SLP where you will or did visit.  She or he can easily weave the vocabulary into therapy and/or preview what may occur, vocabulary, etc. Most of all……..have FUN!!!!!

Links for suggestions of FREE events:

Free in the CLE

Cuyahoga Library System

Cleveland Library System

Westlake Porter Public Library

Lakewood Public Library

Rocky River Public Library

Avon Lake Public Library

Summer Movie Express ($1/movie)

Free Outdoor Movies

Free for young and young at heart

15 Free things to do with Kids


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