How it is that September is just about over?  While we continue to enjoy the final days of warm weather, living in Northeast Ohio, we all know what will be knocking on our door much sooner than later.  It always seems like there are so many outdoor activities in the summer months and as soon as the mercury drops below 60, everyone retreats into hibernation mode. 

Enjoying the area’s many Fall activities and festivals gives not only the opportunity to spend valuable time together, but the time to practice and experience a variety of language rich activities.  These language rich activities are the foundation and play an extremely important role in a child’s language development and maintenance. As a parent/caregiver, you naturally provide these opportunities to practice language skills naturally.  This article provides information to not only validate your hard work, but provides information for more or different techniques that can be added to your repertoire.  

Speaking of Fall activities, please take a moment to research the many different and wonderful opportunities in your area for you and your loved ones to enjoy together.  If you are in the Northeast Ohio area here are a few activities to fill your calendar:

Northeast Ohio Family Fun article #1
Northeast Ohio Family Fun article #2

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